Escape Game Gift Card

Great gift ideas for all Escape Game fans on any occasion: give a gift that’s packed with fun and excitement! The URBANescape Escape Game Gift Certificate is the perfect gift idea and surprise for birthdays, Christmas or weddings – now with a free PDF template to print and fill out! You can choose the amount of credit yourself.

Add a paper gift card?

Make the surprise even more individual with a personalised voucher card with a matching motif.

Add a wooden puzzle box?

Let the fun begin already while unwrapping – include a hand-made gift card inside a tricky puzzle box made of wood!

Give a gift that’s packed with excitement together with family, friends, or colleagues and let them choose a game they’d like to challenge themselves with.

Important details ↓

Purchase Credit worth (CHF)




Christmas, birthday, or a wedding? Our Escape Game Gift Card is the perfect gift idea – with a free printable PDF template to fill out! Give your friends or family a gift of adventure and surprise them with a special experience!

Whether a Mission or an Escape Room – we’re happy to create you an individually designed Gift Card with plenty of attention to detail. Whoever receives your present can book a game of their choice – the gift card is valid for all games available in our online store.

In case you’d like to start the fun already while unwrapping, a wooden puzzle box with a hand-made gift card inside is the perfect idea for a present!

Choose the amount of credit

Pick any gift card credit amount you’d like!

How many persons will be playing? Here’s an overview of our game prices:

  • Entry for 1 person: CHF 45,00
  • Entry for 2 persons: CHF 89,90
  • Entry for 2-5 persons (for a Mission): CHF 119,90
  • Entry for 3 persons: CHF 119,90
  • Entry for 4 persons: CHF 139,90
  • Entry for 5 persons: CHF 149,90
  • Entry for 6 persons: CHF 179,90

(* we reserve the right to adjust game prices)

Validity period – Escape Game Gift Card

The Escape Game Gift Card is valid for 1 year.

Gift cards can be used in accordance to their validity for all games that are bookable online in our store.