Escape Game Gift Card Motif

CHF 4,00

Great gift ideas for all Escape Game fans on any occasion: give a gift that’s packed with fun and excitement! The URBANescape Escape Game Gift Card is the perfect idea for a present or a surprise for birthdays, Christmas, or weddings.

An individual, unique gift card motif allows you to give an even more personalized present to someone special. Choose between different motifs or select a hand-made, unique gift card motif. You can write a short greeting or your personal wishes inside or let us do it for you: don’t forget to write us a short note about this at checkout. Also, let us know about any wishes you have for the design at checkout, too.

If you want the fun to start already while unwrapping, select a gift card inside a wooden Puzzle Box or add an Escape Game To Go to your order!

Important details ↓

Give your gift card a personal touch! Select between our beautiful gift card motifs to choose one that suits the occasion. You can write a message or a greeting inside.

Give a truly individual gift with a hand-made gift card motif. Please write us a note at checkout. Let us know for what occasion the gift card is and we’ll create a suitable, unique motif for you. Without a note you will receive a motif with balloons, which is suitable for almost any occasion.

Give an Escape Game in a booklet! The person who receives your gift can prepare themselves right away for the live Escape Game experience with us.



Christmas, birthday, or a wedding? Our Escape Game Gift Card is the perfect gift idea! Give your friends or family a gift of adventure and surprise them with a special experience!

Whether a Mission or an Escape Room – we’ll create your gift card motif individually and with plenty of attention to detail. Whoever receives your present can book a game of their choice – the gift card is valid for all games available in our online store.

Our hand-made motifs are usually decorated with balloons, but also with flowers, butterflies, or hearts. Please write us a note at checkout to let us know what you wish from the design.

Validity period – Escape Game Gift Card:

The Escape Game Gift Card is valid for 1 year.

Gift cards can be used in accordance to their validity for all games that are bookable online in our store.