Escape Rooms and Missions

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The best Escape Games in Zurich and Winterthur

Escape Rooms

In a team of 2-6 persons you are locked in a thematically designed Escape Room. You have 60 minutes to find and solve all puzzles and riddles, until the last lock is opened and the room of the escape room opens up.

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In teams of 5, you will receive a mysterious quest to finish within 90 minutes. For Missions, you’ll head out to a public area which is roofed. Missions can be played with any weather: All locations are roofed.

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Portable Games

The perfect game for team building! Play with up to 200 persons simultaneously. The teams of 5 persons must discover clues, solve puzzles, and finish various fun tasks. In our selected partner hotels, this game includes delicious culinary masterworks: Apero, Apero Riche, or a 3-course menu.

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Escape Rooms and Games for the perfect team experience

Fun with friends

Pick an exciting adventure, gather a team, and win the battle against time together!

Birthday parties

Surprise the birthday girl or boy with an exciting game together with family or friends!

Team building

For Team Events and a good dose of team spirit boosting we have just the right games in store for you.


Are you just visiting the city? Why not spend a few fun moments together and get to know the city a bit better at the same time?

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