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Gather your friends into one or two teams and solve one of our URBANmissions together.

URBANmissions are usually played in a certain part or neighbourhood of the city. Each game is played on a fairly small area, so you don’t need to spend too much time getting from one place to the next between individual puzzles and riddles. Each game is compact to help you keep up the pace and the excitement.


Race against time:

All games have a time limit and they need to be solved within a predetermined amount of time! Game duration usually varies between 60 and 90 minutes.

Play with multiple teams simultaneously:

Most URBANmissions can be played in duel mode (with 2 teams playing against each other). Which team will be the first to solve all puzzles and riddles to win the game?

Here’s how to play URBANmissions:

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Step 3:

Solve tricky riddles and decode encrypted messages before you run out of time!

What is the URBANmissions app?

Frequently asked questions about our treasure hunt Escape Game app in your city

What is the URBANmission app?
The URBANmissions app is a mobile platform for interactive treasure hunt games. You can find and purchase all URBANmissions directly at
What is the URBANmission game?
The URBANmission game is a digital, interactive treasure hunt that takes place in your neighbourhood or within a publicly accessible area. Throughout the game you need to solve tricky riddles within a certain time limit.
Why play an URBANmission?

You’ll solve tricky riddles and puzzles, discover secret hidden messages, put your best wit to the test, build a solid team spirit, and have tons of fun. Each URBANmission has its own, exciting storyline and a bunch of puzzles and riddles to match.

URBANmission combines the digital environment on your smartphone or your tablet with the real world around you.

What can I do with an URBANmission?
With each URBANmission, you’ll discover a certain part of the city by solving fun riddles and puzzles with your team.

Some of our games include elements of gamified learning about science, history, or other educational content and information. The URBANmission games that include gamified learning are marked accordingly.

How does an URBANmission work exactly?
You can find all our URBANmissions on

Depending on the city you’re in at the moment, you can find and pick a suitable mission and download it onto your device in our app.

Once you’re all set, just have fun with it and enjoy the game!

What is the recommended minimum age for URBANmissions?
URBANmissions are suited for all curious players with 4 years of age and older.

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