Escape Rooms and Games in Zurich

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Escape Rooms

Find clues and solve puzzles in a team of 2-6 players in a thematically designed escape room full of riddles and locked cabinets before your 60 minutes are up!

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Your team of 2-5 players has 90 minutes to successfully finish a mission in a public space! Missions can be played with any weather – all locations are roofed over.

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Portable Games

Event Managers ahoy! The portable game is perfect for company events and teambuilding! Up to 200 persons can play simultaneously in teams of 5.

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Escape Rooms in Zurich

Room of Rebel: Reloaded (Zurich)

Escape from the animal smuggler (Zurich)

Family: Escape from the animal smuggler (Zurich)

Room 67 (Zurich, Hotel Novotel City West)

Room 67 with a 3-Course Menu (Zurich, Hotel Novotel City West)

Room 67 with Dinner just like home! (Zurich, Hotel Novotel City West)

Missions in Zurich

Family Outdoor: Adventures with Elves – The Proof (Zurich)

Jack the Rapper (Zurich)

The Robbery of the Century (Zurich)

Forgetful Grandma (Zurich)

Alien Invasion (Zurich)

Murder in the Hotel (Zurich, Hotel Steigenberger)

Outdoor: Police vs. Junkies (Zurich)

Undercover: The Celebrity (Hotel Hilton Zürich Airport)

Undercover: The Lover (Hotel Hilton Zurich Airport)

URBANevent Games in Zurich

Save the Finger (Zurich)

Save the Finger at Novotel City West (Zurich)

Save the Finger at Tibits (Zurich)

Save the Finger in Hotel Hilton Zurich Airport (Zurich)

Contact & Locations in Zurich

Please note the exact location of your game. Not all games are played directly at URBANescape.

Location Zeughaus­strasse:

Zeughausstrasse 51
8004 Zurich
(Map and directions )

Phone and Email:

043 317 19 19

Opening hours (Email + Phone):
Mon – Fri: 9AM – 6PM

Phone number for last-minute bookings during weekends:
Sat – Sun: 10AM – 6PM

Location Novotel:

Hotel Novotel Zurich City West
Schiffbaustraße 13
8005 Zurich
(Map and directions )

Phone and Email:

043 317 19 19