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Escape Rooms

Find clues and solve puzzles in a team of 2-6 players in a thematically designed escape room full of riddles and locked cabinets before your 60 minutes are up!

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Your team of 2-5 players has 90 minutes to successfully finish a mission in a public space! Missions can be played with any weather – all locations are roofed over.

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Portable Games

Event Managers ahoy! The portable game is perfect for company events and teambuilding! Up to 200 persons can play simultaneously in teams of 5.

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Escape Rooms in Winterthur

Nora (Winterthur)

Ipogios 1 (Winterthur)

Ipogios 2 (Winterthur)

Missions in Winterthur

Family Outdoor: Adventures with Elves: The Proof (Winterthur)

The Kidnapping (Winterthur)

Mission 1 (Hotel Banana City, Winterthur)

Mission 2 (Hotel Banana City, Winterthur)

Mission 3 (Hotel Banana City, Winterthur)

URBANevent Games in Winterthur

Save the Finger (Winterthur)

Save the Finger (Hotel Banana City, Winterthur)

Contact & directions in Winterthur

Your Escape Games in Winterthur

Location in Obergasse:

Obergasse 19
8400 Winterthur
(Map and directions )

Phone and Email:

043 388 01 38

Opening hours (Email + Phone):
Mon – Fri 9AM – 6PM

Phone number for last-minute bookings during weekends:
Sat – Sun 10AM – 6PM