Outdoor Family Mission: Adventures with Elves – The Proof (Zurich)

From: CHF 119,90

Game type: Family Outdoor Mission Outdoor Missions are played outdoors. For the exact starting point, please see the game description below.

We cordially welcome all families to enjoy your first Mission for children 7 years of age and older. This Outdoor Mission “The Proof” is the first game in our series “Adventures with Elves”, created specifically for children in 2nd grade and above.

The elves living close to ZÜRICHescape are quite busy in the near future and they need some help from children. But beware: the tasks the elves need you to finish aren’t easy at all. Therefore, they’ve prepared a little task to let the children proof that they’re able to help the elves.

The Mission is clear: the children need to solve all the puzzles and riddles to proof that they’re ready for some more demanding tasks the elves need help with.

This Outdoor Mission Adventure with Elves: The Proof is specifically suitable for a kids’ birthday party. It can accommodate up to 20 kids together with 4 adults playing at once! That’s more than enough to invite all your friends to your birthday party!


  • 5-6 persons (incl. at least 1 adult): CHF 119,90
  • 7-12 persons (incl. at least 2 adults): CHF 239,80
  • 13-18 persons (incl. at least 3 adults): CHF 359,70
  • 19-24 persons (incl. at least 4 adults): CHF 479,60

Important details ↓

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In each team of max. 6 persons there must be at least one adult who’s responsible for the children and the tablet that is needed to play the mission.

It’s possible to include one or more presents into the game. However, there’s no treasure chest included in this game, so the presents can’t be hidden for the kids. The Game Master can hand over the presents to the kids after the game is finished.

Family Outdoor Mission Details:

  • Location: ZÜRICHescape, game takes place outdoors
  • Difficulty: 1/3
  • Number of players: 5 to 24
  • Optimal team size: 5-6 persons, of which at least one adult
  • Duration: ca. 60 to 90 minutes

How to book:

You need to book your game at least 24 hours in advance using the booking calendar above.

For last-minute bookings (less than 24 hours in advance) please contact us directly at +41 43 317 1919.

Directions and important information:

The Mission starts at ZÜRICHescape (Directions ) and you’ll be playing outdoors.

Starting point: Zeughausstrasse 51, 8004 Zurich

Directions and contact information